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Panhandle Counties, Texas

Panhandle Counties

Population: 870,094 (serving 41 rural counties in the Panhandle and South Plains of West Texas)

The Texas Panhandle and South Plains counties is building a website that will serve as the Llano Estacado Resource Center, which can be used by individuals for self-care/self-management; by adjacent people (primary care, social workers, community workers, police, pastors, schools, etc.) as a referral tool for clients or patients; and by behavioral health specialists as adjunct support integrating self-management processes into clinical practice for better patient outcomes. This project also includes a case manager who conducts outreach and builds connections across the 41 counties to ensure that stakeholders know how to utilize the Llano Estacado Resource Center and, ultimately, quickly connect clients to services in the region and increase their quality of life by allowing them timely access to treatment and/or early intervention for behavioral health issues, which in turn likely reduces recidivism and relapse rates.