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Montevideo/Chippewa Fellows

Photo of Midge Christianson
Midge Christianson
Director, Minnesota
6W Community Corrections

Midge Christianson is the Community Corrections Director for 6W Community Corrections, a four-county joint powers agency located in rural Western Minnesota. The agency provides probation and supervised release services for juveniles and adults. Ms. Christianson has worked in the field of corrections in Minnesota for 33 years, previously holding positions as a juvenile residential treatment counselor and a probation agent. Ms. Christianson graduated from South Dakota State University, where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in sociology with a minor in criminal justice.

Photo of David Bothun
David Bothun
Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment Coordinator and Chippewa Jail Nurse, Minnesota
Countryside Public Health

David Bothun coordinates the health care program in Countryside, Minnesota's five counties for children and teens who are on medical assistance, along with overseeing the inmate care at the Chippewa County, Minnesota, Jail. He is a graduate of the University of South Dakota Nursing Program and a recent retiree of the Minnesota National Guard. Mr. Bothun moved back to his hometown roughly 9 years ago. He enjoys giving back to the community that was a large part of his upbringing.

Photo of Jarred Kells
Jarred Kells
Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Minnesota
Woodland Centers

Jarred Kells is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor at Woodland Centers in Montevideo, Minnesota, where he works with individuals who struggle with substance use disorders and helps them achieve recovery by their definition. He is a part of the Rural Recovery team that brings awareness and reduces stigma of substance use disorders in his community, and he also is a member of the Eight District Treatment Court team. Mr. Kells recently graduated from Adler Graduate School for Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is excited to work with individuals with co-occurring disorders.

Photo of Ken Schule
Ken Schule
Chief of Police, Minnesota
Montevideo Police Department

Ken Schule is the Chief of Police for Montevideo, Minnesota, a rural community west of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul). He graduated from the law enforcement program in Alexandria, Minnesota, and has experience working on a drug task force, on which he now serves as a board member. Chief Schule is currently on a community task force where one of the current topics is the opioid crisis affecting our communities.

Photo of Morgan IronHeart
Morgan IronHeart
Director, Recovery Community Organization, Minnesota
Advanced Recovery Opportunities

Photo of Robert Wolfington
Robert Wolfington
Montevideo City Administrator, Minnesota
City of Montevideo

Robert Wolfington is the City Manager for Montevideo, Minnesota. In this position, he works with all departments in the city and oversees its day-to-day operations. Mr. Wolfington is a graduate of Southwest Minnesota State University with a bachelor of science degree in public relations. After 10 years as a journalist, he transitioned to municipal government in 2014.

Photo of Thomas Van Hon
Thomas Van Hon
Judicial District Court Judge, Minnesota
Chippewa County