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York County Attorney, Nebraska Fellows

Photo of Renee Duffek
Renee Duffek
Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Nebraska
Four Corners Health Department

Renee Duffek is dually credentialed in mental health and substance misuse. She has a variety of skills working with dual-diagnosed clients, along with specializing in trauma. Her philosophy combines mental, physical, and spiritual therapy to assist clients with healing. Throughout her career, Ms. Duffek has worked in several different settings, including private practice, corrections, military members, and pediatric mental health. Her goal is to decrease substance use disorders and chronically mentally ill individuals incarcerated. She is involved in grants that include harm reduction and preventing overdose.

Photo of Josh Gillespie
Josh Gillespie
Captain, Nebraska
York County Sheriff’s Office

Josh Gillespie is the captain of the York County, Nebraska, Sheriff’s Office and has been serving since 2004. He enjoys teaching in the York County schools about the dangers of substance use. He has presented to hundreds of teachers about current drug trends and how to identify substance misuse. Captain Gillespie is excited to work with the Reaching Rural project to find alternative ways to deal with mental health issues and substance misuse.

Photo of Michelle Lemke
Michelle Lemke
Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner, Licensed Professional Counselor, Nebraska
Lemke-Michels Psychotherapy

Michelle Lemke is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and a Licensed Professional Counselor at Lemke-Michels Psychotherapy in York, Nebraska, and serves as a member of the Mental Health Board for York and Seward Counties. Ms. Lemke believes that everyone deserves access to care and provides a wholistic approach to meet the needs of community members. She is excited to develop further programming in her community to expand those services. Ms. Lemke has worked with at-risk youth and families in the juvenile justice system for more than 25 years. She graduated from Doane College with a master of arts degree in counseling.

Photo of Gary Olson
Gary Olson
County Attorney, Nebraska
County Attorney’s Office

Gary Olson is the county attorney for York County, Nebraska. He has spent his legal career of more than three decades working in the public sector defending individuals charged with crimes and as a prosecutor. By working on both sides of the aisle in the area of criminal law, Mr. Olsen is well-versed on the impact that substance misuse has on not only the individual charged with a crime but also the person’s family, friends, and community. Mr. Olson graduated from Creighton University with a degree in finance and from Creighton’s School of Law.

Photo of Tristan Perry
Tristan Perry
Diversion Coordinator, Nebraska
York County Diversion Office

Tristan Perry is the diversion coordinator for the York County, Nebraska, Diversion Office, where his focus is on cultivating a supportive environment for the community’s youth. With extensive experience living in rural Nebraska, Mr. Perry is dedicated to guiding and connecting youth to essential services. His goal is to contribute positively to the well-being of families in York County, tackling challenges with professionalism and dedication. He is a lifelong resident of York County and a graduate of Wayne State College with a bachelor’s degree in history.

Photo of Simera Reynolds
Simera Reynolds
Community Planner, Nebraska
Four Corners Health Department

Simera Reynolds works at Four Corners Health Department, where she has been for more than 2 years. She is a program manager for several grants that focus on injury prevention and harm reduction. Ms. Reynolds has been in injury prevention, through nonprofit and state work, for the last 20 years. She has also been a registered lobbyist and worked in the Nebraska Unicameral for three state senators. Ms. Reynolds has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in education, health, and human performance. In 2008, she received the Lifesavers Award for Public Service from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.